How to Lose Weight by Using the Treadmill for 30 Minutes


Losing weight doesn't need to take over your whole life. Spending just 30 minutes each day doing cardio workouts is enough to significantly improve your fitness level and burn calories. As you develop stamina, you can make those 30 minutes work harder for you by increasing the intensity of your treadmill sessions. For overall health and quicker weight loss, maintain a strength-training regimen and a healthy diet to supplement your cardio workouts. Together, your exercise routine and smart food choices will create a caloric deficit and strip excess pounds.

Step 1

Walk briskly on the treadmill for 30 minutes each day when you are just beginning to get into shape. Develop your stamina gradually. Work smart, not hard. Don't push yourself beyond your fitness level.

Step 2

Add periods of jogging to your treadmill workout as you strengthen your cardiovascular system. Instead of walking for the whole 30 minutes, alternate between walking for five minutes and jogging for two. The jogging boosts the workout's calorie burn, and the walking allows you to catch your breath so you can continue.

Step 3

Lengthen the duration of your jogging intervals when you can. Jog for three minutes, and then walk for two. Shift the balance of your workout away from walking and toward jogging.

Step 4

Increase the intensity of your workouts as you build stamina. Gradually replace jogging intervals with running intervals, and jog to rest instead of walking.

Step 5

Add an incline to your workout. Use it in intervals, the same way you use faster paces. To continue to lose weight as you develop strength and stamina, you must either work out for longer or make your workouts more intense; thus, to keep your daily half-hour cardio session, you should continuously make it more strenuous.

Step 6

Do push-ups, crunches, squats, lunges and other strength-training exercises at least twice weekly. Talk to a trainer about the proper way to do these exercises or to use the resistance machines at the gym. Although strength training doesn't burn many calories, it helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism.

Step 7

Eat healthy foods to increase your caloric deficit. Choose lean meats, low-fat dairy, whole grains, fruits and vegetables instead of high-fat, high-sugar foods. Cook for yourself whenever you can so you are in control of what you eat. Limit the amount of processed food, trans fat, soda and alcohol you consume.

Step 8

Serve your meals on salad plates instead of dinner plates. You will naturally eat smaller portions, because you can fit less food onto the plate. Drink a full glass of water 15 minutes before each meal to blunt your appetite, and eat vegetables or fresh fruit for snacks. Trim empty calories from your diet wherever you can to lose weight faster and maintain better health.

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